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By | November 18, 2011

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Looking for engagement rings can seem daunting, but here at Chandlee Jewelers, we can take the stress out. We have a friendly and helpful staff that will assist you in all your jewelry needs. We have the right bridal jewelry for you.

We here at Chandlee Jewelers have come up with five creative proposal ideas from other men who have popped the question and received the answer they wanted. Use these suggestions to stimulate your own ideas, embellish these with your own special flair, or go with experience and use them as they are.

1. Arrange to meet her in a beautiful park near some riding stables. Rent armor like a knight would wear (from a costume shop or theatrical company) and pick it up on the way. Rent a horse at the stables, don the armor, ride up to meet her and offer to be her prince. Present the diamond with princely flair on bent knee. You could have someone with a portable stereo or boom box in the bushes nearby ready to play something joyous and regal (like “Jupiter” by Holst) as she starts to see you in the distance.

2. Set an elaborate candlelight table and cook (or cater if you are not talented in the kitchen) for a quiet romantic dinner for two at home. Serve her a glass of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or ribboned to the stem.

3. Have an artist paint her portrait, with a subtle difference: she has a diamond ring on her left ring finger. When you present the portrait, have the ring ready when she asks about it.

4. Bring home an enthusiastic new puppy with a ribbon for a collar. Have the ring in the bow for her to find as she cheerfully greets the cuddly pup.

5. Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Plan it for the day of a family picnic, boat ride or other outing so she is sure to see it. Have your diamond ready when she sees your proposal.