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By | November 22, 2011

Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Fremeau Jewelers carries a wide array of wedding rings. We continue our tradition of successful customer service since the 1840s. By upholding our integrity, we are able to carry a wonderful collection of fine jewelry. Come by today to see our stunning collection of bridal jewelry.

The anniversary ring being worn on the left ring finger stems from the belief that the vein of love is situated here led to this romantic belief. Some cultures believe that the left hand is weaker than the right. Wearing the ring on your left hand signifies that married couples gain strength from the new bond implying the concept of two bodies but one soul. No matter the reason, wearing a diamond engagement ring is a representation of your existing love.

The idea and romance involved with wedding rings is time-tested. The engagement ring is full of passion, hope, love and here to stay forever!

Come and see our outstanding collection of bridal jewelry here at Fremeau Jewelers.