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By | May 11, 2011

Donnys Diamond Gallery
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Donnys Diamond Gallery is your bridal jewelry destination. We carry a vast selection of all your engagement rings, wedding bands or anniversary rings. Our master jewelers have gained the knowledge and experience to help you find jewelry to your fine taste.

Most couples select three rings to celebrate their commitment to each other: an engagement ring, bridal bands and anniversary rings. These rings are all symbols of enduring love. We strive to help you with all stages of your relationship.

Traditionally, the man would purchase an engagement ring equal to a few months salary. Many still follow this measuring standard when engagement ring shopping, yet it is only a guideline for consideration.  A setting is the first decision when starting to decide on a ring. Select from traditional Classic Solitaire, Setting with Sidestones, Pave setting, Tension setting, Three Stone setting to designer jewelry settings, your choice is only limited by your budget, tastes, and imagination. Our custom jewelers can also help you build a personalized Three Stone Ring.

Donnys Diamond Gallery also carries Danhov and Popov engagement rings, who both create masterpieces worth considering.

The next step will be deciding on a beautiful, certified diamond. A diamond grade will help you compare stones. Diamonds are graded by four major aspects: clarity, carat, cut and color. Beyond the quality (grade), other attributes to consider are shape, cleaning and light factor. These characteristics will give a diamond a monetary value. This way you have the best diamond engagement ring, fitting in your budget.

We, here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, follow our lasting tradition of highest skilled jewelers to ensure you have the greatest bridal jewelry shopping experience. Our goldsmiths can help you create a unique wedding band. Moreover, you can go with a modern ring to celebrate your anniversary.

Stop in today to see how a custom jeweler will change the way you look at jewelry.