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By | August 4, 2012

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Chandlee Jewelers is your certified diamond destination in Georgia. When it comes to gold or  just diamond jewelry, most people today prefer diamond rings. Stop in today to see our stunning election of fine diamond rings.

Have you heard of that rare piece of diamond earrings that sold at a whooping one and a half million dollars or one ofthe rarest colored diamonds that fetched a price of more than three million dollars? Well, if you have then you are certainly not alone. However, one is unlikely to bump into any of these rarest of the rare gemstone at a local store. Those who have bought diamond earrings earlier would possibly know a fair bit about them but those who have not really need to know a few things about the pricey piece of loose diamond.

All loose diamonds can have various colors, ranging from blue, pink, red or green among others. The colors are owing to the presence of certain elements such as nitrogen, silicon amongst others that have crept into the stone during its formative years.

The coloration of loose diamonds can be caused by several factors. Impurities trapped in the diamond during its formation, the crystal lattice structure of the diamond, and the exposure to radiation can all lead to the wide verity of colors available in diamonds.