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By | May 1, 2014

Brundage Jewelers is your handmade jewelry destination because we have a talented staff to help bring your deepest desires to life. Custom jewelry brings you and your dreams into the jewelry you help create. The search for some unique jewelry will lead you into a search for designer jewelry that no one else possesses. You will delve into the handcrafted jewelry, so you can have the unique jewelry your loved one desires. Nothing makes a better gift than designer jewelry from Brundage Jewelers.

The process for custom jewelry is easy to start. You will only need to come into the store and meet with our professional jeweler. Once your initial consultation begins, you will share a picture or a design that you would like to use as a catalyst for your piece. Following this meeting, you will have a follow up meeting to see the sketches to ensure that your piece will become your vision in metal and stone. Your sketch will then become a rendering. Which will give your look the shape and size you desire for your handcrafted jewelry.

The stones will come into focus for your designer jewelry. As our gemologists will show you, searching for the perfect stone will come with some ease. The first aspect to remember is always set your budget, which will result in a beautiful stone that you can afford. Then you can decide what type of stone you want: diamonds are always a favorite, but the crisp cold blue of a sapphire or the fiery brilliance of a ruby makes enjoyable variations. There are also the selection of cut: solitary, marquis or princess, to give you the look that will make your designer jewelry stand apart.

Come in to start on your custom made jewelry today for your loved one here at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY. Watch this.