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By | July 11, 2011

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Berrys Jewelers is your diamond destination. Buying diamonds is a daunting
task, and our excellent staff will assist you in all your diamond needs. Come
by to see our selection of mounted and loose diamonds.

The only aspect of a diamond that is altered by an artisan hand is the cut. A
diamond goes from the rough stone to the brilliant beauty because of the cut.
The cutter will make precision slices to ensure each facet leads to the perfect
amount of refraction. The refraction of a diamond gives it the reflective fire
through light dispersion. This will lead to a more expensive diamond.

All the cuts will follow an exact map; otherwise, the diamond will not have any
luster. Diamonds that are cut too shallow will lose light through the bottom,
and diamonds cut too deep will lose light through the sides. Neither mistake
will result in a perfect diamond.

Humans have cut diamonds since antiquity. The finished diamond takes
multiple steps for a perfect result. The stone is first marked and then sawed or
cleaved, splitting the stone with the grain of the crystal, whereas sawing is
splitting the crystal against the grain. Cutting is a slow process; in the case of
some of the largest diamonds in the world, it can take years! After the
cutting/cleaving is finished, the cutter uses bruting or rounding. Once the
rounding is complete, it is time to polish the diamond for the finishing touch.

Today, cutters have the advantage of current technology to finish the eternal
symbol of love. Machines aid the cutter in aligning the perfect arrangement of
facets to achieve a brilliance that people from antiquity would not recognize.
Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the diamond rings of your dreams.