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By | February 13, 2013

When looking for diamonds, you should end your search at Enhancery Jewelers. Our extensive collection of various diamond jewelry as well as loose diamonds will meet all your jewelry needs. Come in to view our beautiful selection of pave diamond jewelry.

Diamonds are difficult to decipher their true value. When looking for diamonds, you should consider the various aspects that make up the value of a diamond. The main aspect to search for while you traverse through our choice diamonds is the cut. A diamond’s cut is the only aspect that an artisan cutter will alter. When you factor in that carat weight is connect to the cut as well, a diamond’s cut will have a definite effect on a diamond’s value.

When you think about the other aspects of a diamond, the only one that should gain your attention is the color. Discussing the color of a diamond is a misnomer because what is actually desired is the lack of color. Diamonds value increases with lower amounts of color because the most valuable diamonds are  colorless. The actual colored diamonds are referred to as fancy diamonds. Fancy diamonds come in a rainbow of colors such as blue, pink and green.

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