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By | July 13, 2014

Loose diamonds are just around the corner at Brundage Jewelers. Here is your diamond earrings in Louisville that you desire. As difficult as it is to find a diamond necklace in Louisville, you will not have much issue with our extensive collections. Unlike these stores do not contemplate what you desire, we carry what people want like a diamond pendant in Louisville. It does not matter that you may want different type of diamond earrings in Louisville because we will carry what you love. It does not matter if you want dangling diamond earrings or diamond studs in Louisville, our diamond jewelry store is unique. Come by Brundage Jewelers to see our amazing collection of loose diamonds.

Diamond studs in Louisville is a gift that anyone will love. You look at the fashionable tennis diamond bracelet that always pleases as well as other bracelets in our collections. Our collections include major designers in a variety of styles and cuts. If you cannot find the perfect look in our collection, then you should meet with our jewelry designers to create your own elegant bracelet. With our skilled jewelry designer and our beautiful collections, you are able to search through our perfect loose diamonds.

For diamond earrings in Louisville as well as loose diamonds, the cut of the diamond is important. The cut of a diamond is the only alteration of the natural stone. Diamond cutters will work to achieve the perfect, mathematically precise line and angle to produce the brilliance and fire you expect when gazing into a diamond. A solitary cut diamond is what is referred to as the traditional diamond, and a solitary cut will always be a favorite. Other cuts that have gained popularity are marque, heart and princess. The princess cut has become in vogue especially in bracelets and pendants. Stop by to see our extensive collections to find that perfect diamond pendant Louisville.

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