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By | June 8, 2011

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Berrys Jewelers is your wedding jewelry destination. We focus on our customer service, and there is no time that needs the attention of our staff more than wedding jewelry shopping. It is stressful, yet amazing time of life. Stop in today to receive the care and attention you desire at Berrys Jewelers.

Relationships are securely united through love and commitment, and an engagement ring is a symbolic demonstration of your feelings. Being a declaration of love like no other, the engagement ring reveals your intentions of spending a lifetime of love and devotion to your loved one.

The Tradition
Engagement rings trace back to the early roots of meaning taken. The ancient Egyptians believed the ring should be worn on the ring finger, since that finger, it was believed, has a vein that connects to the heart. The symbolism did not stop there, though. The Romans would make the engagement ring out of steel to represent the eternal strength of the union.

Today the engagement ring still represent those same ideas: love, commitment and unification of two people. Traditionally women wear an engagement ring; on the other hand, men wear one as well. An engagement ring for men usually follows the same style but is subtler.

Diamonds, being the strongest of gemstones, best represent the eternal bond between the couple. The historical roots of diamonds being in engagement rings is unknown, but diamonds elicit purity and eternity from its sparkle and strength forever connecting to the foundation of a soon to be married couple.

Look no further than Berrys Jewelers when looking for your diamond engagement ring. Our talented staff will help you understand how diamonds are graded, which will give you the knowledge you need to find the perfect diamond for you and your loved one.

Come by today to start and end your wedding jewelry search at Berrys Jewelers.