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By | July 18, 2013

The biggest addition to the wedding jewelry recently has been the inclusion of gemstone engagement rings, and Osbornes Jewelry has the newest and brightest offerings for your perusal. Our talented staff will walk you through this difficult shopping trip to see what engagement rings we have to offer. Whether you want a diamond engagement ring or pearl bridal jewelry, we have a selection for you. Drop by Osbornes Jewelers to see what a tremendous selection of engagement rings we have today.

When people look for that perfect diamond engagement ring, they often find that everyone already has this or that look. One way to avoid this mass produced issue is to create your own custom engagement rings for you and your loved one. It will give you the perfect unique look you desire while saving you endless time deciphering whether or not you know someone with this particular look. You will give the input for your handmade bridal jewelry, which will ensure that you have a look specific to you. You can also include other family heirlooms. These family heirlooms make the perfect addition to your bridal wedding rings because you can keep part of your family history alive as well as rest assured that someone will continue this tradition, of adding to your wedding rings, in the future.

Stop by to see our beautiful collection engagement rings here at http://osbornesjewelers.com, 622  S Jefferson St, Athens AL 35611 Ph 256.232.4333.  Watch this video.