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By | November 25, 2011

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JewelSmiths is your custom jewelry destination. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Stop by today to see how designer jewelry can meet your desires.

Our jewelers understand that handmade jewelry has great materials. These materials include the color of precious metal is somewhat important because certain metal colors go better with certain gemstone colors. A good example is white or blue colored gemstones attain a better radiance in white metals verses yellow metals. Before you start selecting, it is best to consult a professional designer on color combinations and techniques.

One of the most important aspect when creating your own designer jewelry is planning. Planning allows you to control certain steps of the designing process. From the beginning to end, planning will allow you to stop or continue with the design at your pace, not theirs. Keeping the lines of communication open allows you to become comfortable with the design process every step of the way. Always remember, once a design is finished it is very difficult to alter. Therefore, you come to JewelSmiths where we will consult every step of the process.

Communication is important because even if you consult with the jeweler to ensure your unique jewelry is perfect. Therefore, this is very important because some designers like to design pieces they like, not what you like. A good designer can help you develop a design and consult with you on different settings or finishing techniques. It is very important that your designer has the ability to create using the fore mentioned steps. If you are in the early stages of designing give us a call or email us and one of our designers will answer any question you might have.

Visit our design showrooms at JewelSmiths and imagine the possibilities of your custom jewelry.