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By | March 25, 2011

Grant Custom Jewelers
2370 State Route 89A, Suite 14
Sedona, AZ 86336

Ph: 928-282-5156

Grant Custom Jewelers takes pride in being considered the areas leading local jewelry store. We hold onto our traditional view of a jewelry store one that puts integrity first. Come see why we differ from other retail stores today.

Are you in the market for diamonds rings? We have such an extensive selection that we think of ourselves as your ring store! No matter what you want to find, we can help with our massive collection of platinum and gold jewelry, or if you have had difficulty finding the perfect piece, we can customize a piece just for you. Nothing can compare to a personalized gold ring in showing your true feelings.

Gold has been around for a long time. Archeologists have discovered gold jewelry that is 4,000 years old. From the first discovery of elemental gold, it did not take long to see golds primary characteristic its malleability.  This characteristic has made gold a perfect medium for artistic expression and the symbol of eternal devotion.

What’s a karat?
Karat determines the amount of pure gold in the alloy. The more pure gold in the metal, the higher the karat. Be sure to avoid the confusion that discussing karats can bring. A karat refers to metal, and the carat refers to the weight of diamonds. The following points demonstrate the most common karats in gold jewelry.

24kt – 24 karat gold is 100% (or pure) gold. You can identify it by an orange-yellow color. It is extremely soft, yet with the aid of new techniques, Camelot has created a 24kt ring that is more resilient. 

18kt – 18 karat gold only has 75% pure gold in it, and the other metals are alloys added to give a change of color, strength and durability.

14kt – 14 karat gold contains just 58.3% of the metal in a 14kt ring is pure gold. It is the most common type of gold jewelry because the durability and strength are higher than 18kt. As you have probably seen, 14kt gold comes in a variety of colors.

10kt – 10 karat gold is the lowest karat that the U.S.A. legally considers gold. Like all gold combinations, the alloys mixed with pure gold will change its color and give it strength and durability.

Come in to see why we are the local jewelry store for everyone.