Loose Diamonds at Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington Vermont

By | January 8, 2013

Certified diamonds shopping at times seems like visiting a museum. The mix of diamond jewelry and loose diamonds displayed  beautifully in a variety of cases and stands makes your shopping experience more daunting than it should be. You need a relaxed atmosphere, where you can shop for all your diamond needs—Fremeau Jewelers is your needed destination. You should see our collection of diamond rings or even diamond earrings. Stop by today to find the diamond engagement ring you have always dreamed.

A diamond store has all your diamond needs, and we are no different. Our selection of diamonds includes varying cuts and colors as well as a myriad of carats. You should see the difference an extra carat will make or a higher grade of colorlessness will give the value of our diamonds. The reality is that no matter the difference of color (or lack thereof) or even the carat weight without a fantastic cut the diamond’s value will suffer. Cut is the only aspect of a diamond that is unnatural. Talented diamond cutters give the diamond its shape, which does determine value. Therefore, a cutter can give the diamond a price range that it will live in. The natural phenomena of pressure and mineral inclusions birth the clarity and color of a diamond, but these natural aspects of a  diamond will reveal the diamond weight available.

Some diamond crystals will need to be cut into many smaller diamonds to have anything of worth. Other crystals could be cut into large diamonds. This demonstrates the reason for the rarity of these stones because not only do the natural aspects of a diamond crystal need to be stellar, but also the human aspects need to rise to the occasion. For if a great diamond crystal is found, it will need to be cut in a way to highlight its magnificence, which would be completely reliant on a competent diamond cutter. This person would then need to figure out the best cut for the diamond whether it is a something more exquisite like a marquee cut or a simply, traditional one like a solitaire cut.

Come in today to find the diamond jewelry you dream about here at Fremeaus, http://www.Fremeaus.com, where our beautiful collection of diamond jewelry will impress you. We are located at 78 Church Street,  Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.