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By | September 5, 2013

Diamonds—the epitome of the jewelry industry is diamond jewelry. It does not matter if you are thinking about diamond earrings, diamond rings, mens diamond jewelry, pave diamond jewelry, loose diamonds or, the most popular, diamond engagement rings, diamonds are the what jewelry is about. Even with the rise of gemstone jewelry, the crown jewels of any jewelry store are diamonds. Come in today to see how Brundage Jewelers can help you find the perfect set of diamond earrings.

Diamonds are popular for a reason; they tap into our wonder and awe of our psyches. The dazzling brilliance of diamonds has no match. The fiery beauty brings us closer to perfection with a stolen glance.

The emotional response diamonds bring make shopping for diamonds difficult. The main aspects to look at with quality diamonds are the characteristics given to us by the DeBeers group: the four Cs. These characteristics are derived from cut, clarity, color and carat. One thing to remember with carats is that it refers to the weight of diamonds not the size. Despite the seeming connection between the two, weight can differ from the visible size because of the cut. The cut of diamond has the biggest influence of the quality of a diamond. The reason for this is because of the cut can hide the flaws making the clarity seem better and depending on the cut the size of the diamond will appear larger. Remembering these aspects when diamond jewelry shopping will give you a comparable characteristics to research.

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