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By | January 10, 2015

When looking for a leading jeweler in Louisville, you should start at Brundage Jewelers. Our talented jeweler in Louisville can help you discern whether or not the sales other box chain stores are worth all the hype. Besides having a beautiful collection of diamond jewelry, we can help you create your own stunning jewelry with the help of our gemologists in Louisville. A premier jeweler in Louisville usually does not reside in house of the jewelry store you visit. Instead, the jeweler will have a shop somewhere else, and the jewelry will be sent to worked on. Brundage Jewelers the best retail jeweler in Louisville has a jeweler on the premises that can assist you with all your jewelry needs. Stop by Brundage Jewelers today to meet the master jeweler in Louisville.

A premier jeweler in Louisville can help you through all your jewelry needs by helping you to create a piece that will bring your inner desires to life. Whether you wish to create your own take on an existing look or you want to begin anew, our best jewelry can help you through the entire process. No matter what you want for your look, we will start off with a sketch that will help you figure out whether or not our leading jeweler is on the right path. You will be informed of each step to ensure our jeweler has recreated the design you have in mind.

Here at Butler Jewelers, we have a great retail jeweler in Louisville that will help you find the perfect jewelry gift for any occasion. It does not matter if you have visited a retail jeweler in the past because here we have the best jeweler available. You will see what a difference our custom jeweler will make when you come by to see what we offer here at Butler Jewelers today.

Having gemologists in Louisville as well in the industry is a difficult task, and not why you might think. Coming across someone with the talent and expertise is not an easy process; however, finding someone who has stayed at the elite jeweler level is. It takes years of experience and constant education, through conferences and seminars, to remain the best. The old adage of everyone shooting at number one is apt to hit it.  It is easier to take down number one than it is remaining number one. We see this every March with the high flying basketball tournament. A Cinderella may make it past a few Goliaths, but how many become a Goliath themselves?

Our jeweler has fused all the aspects of jewelry design and repair over a long career to be at a level to help you with all your jewelry needs. Stop by our studio: 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY. Check this out.