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By | June 22, 2012

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Michaels Jewelry Center is your destination to find gold jewelry in a perfect environment. We will give you the ability to view jewelry for any reason whether it is to mark a significant life occasion or just because. We carry a broad array of fine jewelry.

Evidence of gold earrings dates back over 5,000 years. Found in its natural form, in other words, not combined with other elements, man needed little time to discover gold’s amazing malleability. It is precisely this characteristic that has made gold the medium for artistic expression and the symbol of eternal devotion.

When looking at gold rings, a Karat designates the amount of pure gold in the metal combination. The lower the karat, the less pure gold is used and the higher the karat, the higher amount of pure gold was used in creating the piece.

The different karats that are most commonly seen used for gold rings in theUnited States are 10karat, 14karat, and 18karat gold. Karat is typically shortened and will appear as 10K, 14K and 18K on your jewelry. These different levels are indicative of the content of pure gold that is contained in the fine jewelry.