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Engagement Rings Burlington | Diamonds Fremeau Jewelers

5 July, 2014 (01:41) | Engagement Rings | By: InternetJeweler

Fremeau Jewelers is your destination for all engagement rings in Burlington. We have beautiful jewelry including a head turning diamond engagement ring. If you prefer to see wedding rings in Burlington, look no further than Fremeau Jewelers. We are your location for wedding bands Burlington. Even our anniversary rings Burlington cannot be beat. Come see […]

Burlington VT Diamond Rings | Fremeau Jewelers

10 March, 2014 (23:03) | Diamond Jewelry | By: InternetJeweler

Fremeau Jewelers is your diamond destination in New England. Our extensive collection of designer jewelry including diamond rings and a diamond pendants that will turn heads. In addition to our exceptional selection of jewelry, we have master jewelers who have the knowledge and understanding for all your jewelry needs. Come by today to see our […]

Platinum Jewelry 05401 | Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington VT

17 February, 2014 (01:27) | Diamond Jewelry | By: InternetJeweler

When it comes to silver jewelry as well as gold jewelry, you should find a jewelry store you can trust, like Fremeau Jewelers. We have a stunning selection of diamond jewelry that includes, platinum jewelry and even gold rings. It does not matter that you have reservations about visiting a jewelry store, but our relaxed […]

Diamond Jewelry Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington VT

7 November, 2013 (03:00) | Diamond Jewelry | By: InternetJeweler

When looking for diamonds, you should look no further than Fremeau Jewelers. We have a great selection of diamonds, no matter if you want the newest diamond engagement ring or you are shopping for the perfect gift.  Our talented staff will assist you through the difficult proposition of finding those perfect diamonds. We can also […]

Fremeau Jewelers Wedding Bands | Burlington Vermont

7 October, 2013 (02:22) | Engagement Rings | By: InternetJeweler

Fremeau Jewelers is the jewelry store destination for all engagement rings. It does not matter if you are looking for that hard to find wedding jewelry. We have a talented staff that can assist you through this difficult search. We have an extensive collection that includes gemstone engagement rings as well as pearl bridal jewelry. You […]

Diamonds Burlington VT | Fremeau Jewelers

16 July, 2013 (03:31) | Diamonds | By: InternetJeweler

Diamonds can be an endless search; however, that is not the case here at Fremeau Jewelers. We have over a hundred and fifty years worth of experience and connections that allow us to carry and sell quality diamonds at competitive prices. Our amazing selection of diamond jewelry, including our recently added Pave diamond jewelry, will astonish […]

Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington VT Engagement Rings

18 June, 2013 (02:50) | Engagement Rings | By: InternetJeweler

A diamond engagement ring is the pinnacle of a relationship. It moves a relationship from just a gathering of two people into a union, and here at Fremeau Jewelers, we have a collection of wedding bands from all styles available. It does not matter if you are a traditionalist in terms of your engagement rings […]

Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington VT Fine Jewelry | 802-658-0333

2 May, 2013 (02:45) | Diamond Jewelry | By: InternetJeweler

Gemstone Jewelry makes waves wherever you walk. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we understand the jewelry industry and know how to help you find the perfect jewelry design. Our selection of antique jewelry will reveal the endless choices past styles provide. Gold jewelry will never look the same as gemstone jewelry grants. Designer jewelry can make […]

Jeweler Burlington VT | Fremeau Jewelers

3 April, 2013 (21:47) | Jewelry Stores | By: InternetJeweler

We at Fremeau Jewelers take pride in the fact that we are a leading jeweler. Our professional jeweler can assist you with all of your needs. It does not matter what your jewelry needs include a custom designed ring or jewelry repair to your broken jewelry; we are here to help you. Stop by Fremeau […]

Loose Diamonds at Fremeau Jewelers | Burlington Vermont

8 January, 2013 (04:21) | Diamonds | By: InternetJeweler

Certified diamonds shopping at times seems like visiting a museum. The mix of diamond jewelry and loose diamonds displayed  beautifully in a variety of cases and stands makes your shopping experience more daunting than it should be. You need a relaxed atmosphere, where you can shop for all your diamond needs—Fremeau Jewelers is your needed […]