Van Adams Jewelers Diamond Store Snellville Georgia

By | June 24, 2012

Van Adams Jewelers
1870 Scenic Hwy. 124 North
Snellville, GA 30078

Ph (770) 982-2950

Van Adams Jewelers is a well-established retail jewelry store that has grown with our community from a small store to a multiple brand. Our years of experience and services as a jewelry store have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers.

Local jewelers knows that an old toothbrush is probably one of the oldest cleaning tricks in the book. Make sure that you use an old, soft bristle brush, because the hard bristle can loosen gemstones from their settings.  However better than a toothbrush is to use a make-up brush as the bristles are softer and will not scratch your jewelry.  Lightly brush at hard to reach areas with the brush while frequently applying cleaning solution. Never use the brush to remove caked on dirt or grime because sometimes the dirt is holding the gemstone into place, especially if the setting is worn or weak.

Where you lack the knowledge of a local retail store is the risk of cleaning costume, fake or vermeil jewelry as it is very sensitive to any cleaning solutions. Costume or vermeil jewelry is a base metal (base or silver) with a gold layer over or absorbed into it. This layer is not made for abrasive cleaning or prolonged wear. These pieces are only for show or special occasions and should be slightly cleaned and carefully put away.

When self cleaning jewelry always use this handy visual checklist first: check to see if there are any loose or damaged gemstones; cracked or broken metal; bent or warped prongs/tips; discolored or pitting metal. Sounds like lots to go through but jewelers have the same mental checklist when cleaning and inspecting. Take it from us, your neighborhood retail jewelry store.

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