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By | April 27, 2011

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Nick T. Arnold Jewelers is dedicated to have the greatest collection of wedding jewelry available. Come in and look through our amazing selection of engagement rings today!

Diamond Buyers Guide
First you need to decide on your budget, when searching for your wedding jewelry. This will help you find the great quality for a price you can live with. The adage of spending a couple of months salary is a good guideline.

Selecting a carat size is a balancing act between size and quality. You can find a larger diamond that is graded slightly lower in terms of color and clarity, but is still of excellent quality.

You should also remember that slender fingers make small diamonds look larger. You can use this to gage what she desires while you start your shopping experience.

Lastly, you should consider what the mounting will look like. Make sure you have selected an engagement ring setting that will hold the diamond she longs for.

You should also have some knowledge on how a diamond is rated using the 4 Cs: Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color.

Wait no longer to witness the Arnolds Jewelers difference today!